The Deimos BT A400 Ultra Sliding Gate Motor Includes:

1x BFT Deimos BT A400 Ultra Sliding Gate Motor
4x 1m Gate Racking
2x BFT Mitto 4B Gate Remotes
1x Pair of Manual Over-Ride Keys
1x Hardware Mounting Pack
Installation Instructions


BFT DEIMOS Ultra BT A400 Sliding Gate Motor Kit + 4m Racking


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Deimos A400 Sliding Gate Motor Specifications

Max Gate Length 10m
Max Gate Weight 400kg
Powerhead Size 255mm x 164mm x 287mm
Model Number P925221 00002
Cycles Per Day Intensive (35/hour)
Opening Speed Upto 12m/min (200mm/second)
Control Board MERAK SL1
Memory Register 63
Water Protection IP24
Warranty 2 Year Manufacturer


BFT Deimos A400 Ultra Sliding Gate Motor Features

The Deimos A400 Ultra gate opener is made by BFT, an Italian gate automation manufacturer with a history dating back to 1981. Over the years, BFT has become recognized as one of the gate automation industry giants, with 20 branches and over 530 distributors in more than 120 countries. BFT gate openers are used by professionals across Australia to better secure your home or business.

The Deimos BT A400 Ultra offers greater precision and ease of use when compared to the standard A400. The magnetic limit switches ensure a safe and precise installation in any ambient condition. The control board is also upgraded from the HAMAL to the MERAK, which has a programming display with pre-programmed scenarios to assist during the setup of the opener.


Advanced Torque Management for Enhanced Safety

The BFT Deimos A400 Ultra Sliding Gate Motor incorporates a cutting-edge torque management system powered by BFT’s microprocessor technology. This smart system dynamically adjusts the level of thrust necessary for gate operation by analyzing data from various indicators. Unlike conventional units that apply constant thrust, the BFT A400 continuously adapts to variations in gate force due to temperature changes or wear, always delivering optimal torque. This not only ensures stable sensitivity during operation but also prevents the false detection of obstacles, guaranteeing maximum safety and reliability under all conditions.


Efficient Programming with EELINK Technology

The BFT Deimos A400 Ultra Sliding Gate Motor is equipped with EELINK, a revolutionary system developed by BFT for fast and safe programming. This technology allows for seamless data transfer between the gate system and PCs via handheld programmers like Unipro, Uniradio, and Proxima. It updates databases with system information, enabling easy management of customer details and maintenance schedules. EELINK simplifies complex operations such as control unit reconfiguration, radio receiver setup, and customizing control panels, making maintenance and management a breeze.


Innovative Remote Control Cloning

The BFT A400 introduces a new cloning system for MITTO remote controls, leveraging microprocessor technology for secure and straightforward cloning. The first remote control teaches the second the necessary codes, which are then automatically saved in the receiver upon first use. This process is secured with the Rolling Code transmission system, ensuring high levels of security in remote operation.


24V Technology for Precision and Reliability

At the heart of the BFT Deimos A400 Ultra Sliding Gate Motor lies the BFT 24V technology, known for its precision, safety, and reliability. It guarantees excellent performance with fine-tuned adjustments in the closing and opening slowdowns. The technology is designed to promptly stop and reverse gate movement if an obstacle is detected, underscoring the commitment to safety. This efficient and reliable technology ensures that the BFT A400 Sliding Gate Motor not only meets but exceeds performance and safety expectations.


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