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B&D Controll A Door S

B&D roller doors from Wholesale Garage Doors make an excellent choice for your garage. And here, we have all the accessories you need to make the most of your garage door, such as the innovative B&D Controll-A-Door S, which comes with two sets of premium remotes so you'll always have easy access and control of your sectional garage door. It also comes with one easy-to-install wall button for those times when you don't have your remote on you. This garage door opener also comes standard with a reliable, 230V power supply that powers your sectional garage door effortlessly and quickly. Included is a convenient vacation mode for added security and energy savings while you're away from home.

Unrivalled Security

Security is of utmost importance while shopping for a garage door or garage door accessories, and B&D is an industry leader in security and safety. With secure garage door control and an included LED courtesy light, you can enjoy a strong and vibrant light and added peace of mind when operating your garage door with this opener kit.

This door opener also comes with an unprecedented five-year and 20,000 spring lifecycle warranty, along with a service indicator that will count each operating cycle and alert you when it's time for garage door servicing (every 3,000 cycles). This feature can save you from needing premature repairs or replacement of your door. The B&D Controll-A-Door S also promises reliable operation for your sectional garage roller doors of up to 16.5 m.

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