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Stolen Garage Door Remote

What to do if your garage door remote is lost or stolen

Handheld remotes that control automatic garage door openers might seem, to the average person, to be something that is pointless to steal, but thieves think differently. To thieves, a stolen garage door remote is the key to a treasure chest – in this case your home or garage – filled with tons of valuable items to steal.

Stolen Garage Door Remote

Considering how valuable a garage door remote can be to a thief, it is important that you know exactly what to do should you discover that one is lost or stolen. This quick guide will walk you through the things you should do immediately upon discovering your garage door remote is missing.

Do Not Panic!

A missing or stolen garage door remote is serious, but it isn’t something that should send you into a panic. If you are proactive and take the necessary steps to prevent a thief from using the remote, your home and all your valuables will remain protected.

Even though the situation isn’t an emergency, you must work quickly. The longer you wait to take the necessary steps to protect your home, the easier it becomes to fall victim to a burglar.


Protect Your Home, Disable Your Garage Door Remote

Many homeowners assume that if a garage door remote is lost or stolen they have to replace the entire automatic garage door opener. The truth is, a few simple steps secure your home and property.

All automatic garage door openers have a disable feature that allows you to disable all remotes for a specific garage. Once the remotes are deprogrammed, they will not open the garage door. This process can be referred to as ‘Clearing the Codes’, or ‘Deleting’ remotes from your motor. The homeowner would then have to reprogram them to work once more with the garage door. However, the lost or stolen remote control would no longer operate your door, securing your home.

For most models of garage door openers, it is extremely easy to disable the remotes. All it takes is a couple of steps and all remotes are automatically disabled. The only way the remote would work again is if it is programmed back into the motor.

For more information, visit our remote control coding and programming guides page here. We also have a wide variety of garage door manuals for your garage door opener, available here.


No Control Panel? No Problem!

Some garage door openers don’t have a control panel separately in the garage. These can might be operated using a small doorbell-like control, which is called a wireless wall button. These garage door openers are disabled differently. The way to disable them is by unplugging the system from the PowerPoint. Once the system is unplugged, you can open and close the garage door manually.


Buy Replacement Garage Door Remotes Online

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Stay Safe with the iSmartGate Phone Control Kit

Homeowners that use the iSmartGate Phone Control Kit are in luck. If an original remote is lost or stolen, the homeowner can disable the remotes and then use a smartphone or tablet as a backup remote. This prevents the thieves from using the stolen remote but allows family, friends, and everyone else who is authorized to gain entry to the house without having to manually open or close the garage door.

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