Garage Door Lubricant

We maintain and service garage doors on a daily basis and have been doing so for over 20 years. When it comes to choosing a lubricant for garage door maintenance, we’re experts in the field.

For many families, garage doors are the main entryway and exit point of the house, opening and closing many times per day. That’s why proper garage door care is essential, and it all starts with garage door lubrication.

At Wholesale Garage Doors, we only use Silicone Spray or White Lithium Grease.

Our recommended Lithium-based lubricants come in the form of white lithium grease. Whilst lithium spray lubricant is mainly applied using your hands, you can occasionally find spray varieties. Even though you might get your hands dirty applying the garage door lubricant, white lithium grease will provide some of the best long-term results.

White lithium garage door lubricant gives you full control over how you apply it to your garage door’s components, despite having to use your hands. You can work it into your garage door’s metal springs, hinges and bearings, providing an even coat. After you do so, your garage door will open and close like a charm.

Avoid overapplying, as this can attract dirt and dust. A small amount of white lithium grease goes a long way to having a healthy garage door.

Silicone lubricant is one of the best products you can use when lubricating your garage door.

When shopping for silicone lubricants, look for the phrase “silicone spray.” Many cans come equipped with a thin, straw-like nozzle for accurate spraying. An example of this is the WD 40 3-IN-ONE Professional Garage Door Lubricant.
You can use this nozzle to get the silicone spray exactly where you want it, without having to worry about applying too much or missing your target. It’s beneficial when trying to lubricate hard-to-reach places. And the best part is that you can avoid getting your hands covered in grease.

Silicone is long-lasting. You can feel confident knowing your silicone spray is going to keep your garage door lubricated for months. It can withstand temperature and weather changes, making it an excellent choice for year-round garage door lubrication.

Wholesale Garage is an Australian garage door dealer that specializes in silicone lubricant, garage door lubricant and rust removers. We stock genuine products from top brands such as Merlin, Bunnings, Steel Line and more. We offer free postage on all Garage Door Lubricant products, as well as express post for when you need something fast, selectable at the checkout.

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