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B&D Rollmasta

There is no reason you should have to pass up on the opportunity to purchase garage door rollers because of your budget. The B&D Rollmasta® is priced to allow you to get the garage door you want without having to go over budget.

Manufactured by B&D, the most trusted name when it comes to garage roller doors, the Rollmasta® will make it easy for you to open and close the garage door without compromising the outward appearance of your home.

Some of the product features that make the B&D Rollmasta® such a popular choice for homeowners and business owners include the following:

  •  Wide range of sizes available. B&D Rollmasta® doors are available in sizes that go up to 3000mm in height and 3140mm in width
  •  Nylon running strips that allow garage door users to easily and quietly open and close the door without fear of the door locking or running off track
  •  Optional lifting handle to make lifting the door easier
  •  Weatherseal placed along the bottom to prevent water and other outdoor elements from getting inside the garage
  •  Quality Colorbond steel to withstand any climate
  •  Durable springs that will last through 10,000 cycles without breaking
  •  Variety of colours available for a customised look
  •  12 month warranty that provides homeowners and business owners with peace of mind that the garage door is built to last
To learn more about the B&D Rollmasta® or any other B&D roller doors, contact Wholesale Garage Doors. We are a trusted retailer of B&D roller doors at wholesale prices.

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