Knotwood™ - The best of both worlds

Do you love real timber but don’t want the hassle of real timber maintenance on your garage door? The B&D Knotwood range of garage doors cleverly mimics the appearance of timber with all of its natural beauty on a durable steel door giving you the best of both worlds.

Panelift® and Panelift® Icon™ - A garage door for every home.

Explore the benefits and features of the B&D Panelift® and Panelift® Icon™ range. With four designs to choose from in Panelift® and a further four in Panelift® Icon™, each garage door is made from durable COLORBOND™ steel in a wide range of colours to suit every façade.

Add a little luxury to your B&D garage door with Luxe Design™.

Available only on the B&D Panelift® Icon™ range, the Luxe Design™ range offers a stylish finish to your garage door with a durable Dulux® finish that shimmers as light conditions change. Excellent colour retention guarantees a long lasting, contemporary finish.

Experience the B&D Panelift® Icon™ Nullarbor Pattern. It’s simply the best!

The new Nullarbor pattern range is available on the B&D Panelift® Icon™ garage door. Available as either Nullarbor Smooth with a flat panel design and minimalist appearance that complements any modern home, or the Nullarbor Woodgrain Textured that showcases a modern flat panel design with realistic woodgrain finish. Either way, the B&D Panelift® Icon™ new Nullarbor Pattern is simply the best!

Instructions for the professional installation of a B&D garage door.

B&D garage door installation instructions for professional installers. The instructions cover the fundamentals and the steps that should be adhered to for a safe and professional garage door installation, such as safety, checking the opening measurements, the required tools, and parts checking.

B&D deadlock installation guide.

This video demonstrates the installation of the B&D deadlock. It is recommended that the deadlock be installed by a trained installer. Tips include installation methods for doors with standard and low side room. The B&D deadlock ensures peace of mind every time you close your garage door and proves that you shouldn’t just protect it, B&D it!

Control Your Garage Door with Ease with a B&D Smartphone Control Kit

Controlling your garage door has never been easier with a B&D Smartphone Control Kit. This video includes a set up walkthrough including how to download the app, how to connect to the Smart Hub and how to customise settings to suit your device. Installation requires a Wi-Fi home connection and network password. Once set up, you will have the ability and convenience of turning your smart phone into an additional garage door remote with the ability to control your door from anywhere you have an Internet connection!

How to Install the B&D Smartphone Control Kit

If you’d like to enjoy the convenience and security of controlling your B&D garage door from anywhere in the world, you’ll need to install a B&D Smartphone Control Kit. This easy to follow video walks you through the stages required, explaining each step in full and the parts and tools you will need for a successful installation.

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