Garage Doors Melbourne

Garage Doors Melbourne
Commercial Roller Doors Melbourne

Supply And Distribution

Depending which roller door type you require in Melbourne, Perth or Sydney we have products that offer a variety of door profiles and styles for your home and family.


Models with centre lift locking, steel door stops and double bar locking action to ensure security.


The Colorbond Steel door curtains are designed to resist the weather and offer maximum durability.

Easy to use

Our B&D garage doors use nylon running strips to ensure they glide up and down effortlessly to put as little strain on you as possible.

Spring strength

Depending on the model you desire, The B&D spring lifecycle is designed to withstand between 10 - 20,000 cycles, giving you an increased lifespan.

Garage Doors Supply and Installation

Our range of roller doors for homes in Melbourne are of the highest quality and can be customised to fit your desired size requirements and colour preference. We can deliver to anywhere in Melbourne or alternatively, offer free pickup in a number of locations.

We provide you with garage doors so you can install them yourself, or alternatively utilise our full installation services. This means you’re only paying for the product or installation, with no hidden costs or middle man.

Our range of garage doors

At Wholesale Garage Doors, we provide our customers and homeowners with a large range of varying styles and colours to suit your home. All of our garage roller doors are made locally in Melbourne and are designed to last. With a factory B&D warranty and manufacturer support, you will have peace of mind knowing you are choosing a reputable brand, with 60 years behind them.

As wholesale providers for garage doors in Melbourne industry, we offer our customers the best value for money.

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