We Stock B&D Roller Door Openers

B&D Garage Door Openers

Garage door openers are no longer viewed as an ‘option’ with many customers now wanting to automate their garage door. Wholesale Garage Doors can provide you with pricing for a garage door opener to suit the door type you have selected and ship it to you with easy how to instructions and step by step videos. Enjoy the convenience of your new garage door with just the click of a button!

Wholesale Garage Doors stock and ship B&D garage door openers and Australia’s favourite DIY garage door brand, Auto Openers. We will help you select the right type of DIY garage door opener, depending on what kind of door you are purchasing from us at Wholesale Garage Doors.

As many garages now, are also used for home offices, home gyms, man caves among other uses for just your cars we encourage customers to think about how you use your garage as you might like to take advantage of purchasing some of the additional accessories that make it easier to access your garage and also safer.

Advantages of adding a garage door opener to you DIY garage door purchase:

  • Never have to get out of the car to open the garage door again
  • Affordable options, with many inbuilt safety features perfect for a residential home for families, kids and pets
  • Know when it’s time to service your garage door and opener, or contact a professional technician to help you by the integrated service light.
  • Inbuilt safety features like a cycle counter, automatic safety sensor systems
  • Inbult strong, LED courtesy lights – Perfect when you are late getting home, lights up the whole garage
  • Accesory options are endless, remote controls wireless wall buttons, quiet belt drive operation instead of noisy chains, operate your garage door from your smart phone or your iphone, If you regularly are out walking your door don’t want to worry about losing remotes than the smart phone kits are a must do accessory for you! Infrared safety wireless beams – This accessory is a must do if your children or pets play in the garage.