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B&D Garage Door Opener

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Open and close your Melbourne garage door with ease by choosing to install a B&D automatic garage door opener. These easy-to-install garage door accessories will instantly make it easier to open and close any B&D Panelift or roller door. Simply push the button on the remote control or use a control panel affixed to the garage wall, and the garage door opener will do all the heavy lifting.

B&D automatic garage door openers aren't just helpful when it comes to opening and closing your garage door. These garage door accessories can also help homeowners and business owners know when it is time to schedule routine maintenance on their garage door.

Some of the garage door openers from B&D come with an automatic counting system. Each and every time the garage door is opened or closed, the automatic door opener will keep track. When it reaches a set number of cycles, the garage door opener will send an alert that it may be time to schedule an appointment to have the garage door serviced to maintain optimum performance.

In addition to automatically opening the door and alerting you when you need to schedule routine service, the B&D garage door opener has added security features when entering or exiting the garage. The B&D garage door opener comes with an attached long-lasting LED light that instantly comes on whenever the door is open. This light will keep you safe by lighting up any dark areas around your garage.

To learn more about B&D roller door openers, visit Wholesale Garage Doors. We offer the best prices and fast Australia-wide delivery on a variety of B&D garage door openers.

B&D Controll A Door Power Drive - B&D Roller Door Motor

B&D Controll A Door Power Drive

Roller Door Motor

The B&D Powderdrive motor is packed with operating features and includes the upgraded premium remote controls and wall button. It complements any B&D roller door.

B&D Controll A Door S - B&D Sectional Door Motor

B&D Controll A Door S

Sectional Door Motor

The B&D Control A Door S Panelift Motor teams perfectly with a belt drive rail for quiet and secure garage door control, it comews With premium remotes and a five year warranty.

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