The Benefits of an Insulated Garage Door

30th May 2017

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Manufacturers are starting to offer insulation as a feature for many garage doors. This feature may seem trivial, especially if you live in an area where the climate is warmer, but it comes with many benefits beyond keeping a garage space warm. The following are just some of the many benefits you can receive when you choose to purchase one of the many insulated B&D garage doors for your home.

B & D Enviropanel Insulated Garage Door

Save on Energy Costs

Energy costs are on the rise, which means homeowners are looking for creative ways to save money. Installing an insulated garage door can help you reduce your heating and cooling bills. Insulated garage doors are designed to act almost as a buffer between your home and the great outdoors. Without that buffer in place when you heat or cool your home, the air will leak out almost like it would if you left a window open or there was a crack in your wall. When the air leaks out, it causes you to have to use more energy to heat up or cool down your home.

Enjoy a Quiet Home

Uninsulated garage doors can be extremely noisy. In some cases, people can hear them opening or closing no matter where they are in the home and the mildest wind can create a noisy rattle. Insulated garage doors are often heavier and therefore close with less noise and aren’t easily unsettled.

The noise-damping feature on the garage door won't impact you if you have an unattached garage, but it can be extremely beneficial to you if you have a home with an attached garage or there are rooms placed directly above or next to your garage. The damped noise will allow you to enjoy activities in those rooms without having to be distracted by the noise associated with the garage door opening and closing.

Insulated Garage Doors are Stronger and More Secure

Homeowners should think of their garage doors as an investment. A stronger, more secure door will last longer, which means you get more for your money. Traditionally a regular garage door should last anywhere from 5 to 10 years, whereas an insulated garage door can last longer.

Insulated garage doors last longer because they have a different design than traditional garage doors. The difference in their design makes them stronger and more durable. The increased durability means the garage doors will last through almost anything from kids banging on it while playing to rough weather.

Save Money, Keep Out Noise, and Protect Your Home with an Insulated Garage Door

Wholesale Garage Doors can help you find the perfect insulated garage door for your home. An insulated garage door is now an easy standard order add-on. B&D’s Enviropanel™ is a class-leading insulated door panel that contains a solid EPS core surrounded by two layers of high quality steel. These specially designed insulated doors boast features such as great acoustic properties, durable thickness, and gap sealing properties. Doors are available in all standard B&D colours and a flat or ribbed profile. Contact us today to speak with one of our experienced staff members about getting an insulated garage door for your home.

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